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The Best Japanese Aburi Donburi

The Best Japanese Aburi Donburi

About Aburi-EN

Aburi-EN has been a part of Hong Kong since 2019, offering the perfect and creatively crafted donburi—a Japanese-style rice bowl topped with delicious meat or seafood.

Our signature pork donburi is a modification of the one originally from Hokkaido Prefecture, with significant improvements. Additionally, we proudly present beautifully marbled Miyazaki Wagyu Beef and high-quality chicken donburi. ABURI-EN draws inspiration from traditional cooking methods, using ingenious Miyazaki Yakiniku Sauce paired with Japanese premium rice, delivering an excellent culinary experience with bursting flavors.

Dine in our featured and comfortable environment, where we offer a variety of Japanese side dishes and drinks. ABURI-EN provides you with a refreshing and delightful gourmet journey.

Premium Ingredients

Aburi-EN proudly features the finest ingredients, including Miyazaki beef, the reigning champion of marbled Wagyu, securing Japan’s ‘National Wagyu Award’ three consecutive times. Our Buta-Don showcases a generous serving of chestnut-fed pork loin, expertly coated with Miyazaki Yakiniku Sauce, all offered at reasonable prices.

Aburi-EN Donburi

Special Sauce

The original sauce that enhances the flavour of Aburi-EN’s Donburi (Rice Bowl) is a unique creation. We developed this sauce after an extensive search throughout Japan, aiming to find the perfect combination. Fruits are a key addition, contributing to the distinctive taste that sets our sauce apart.

Top Quality Japanese Rice

Top Quality Japanese Rice

Aburi-EN selects rice from Japan at specific times each year to ensure the finest quality for our rice bowls, emphasizing the excellence of our ingredients.”